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Golf South Australia Incorporated (Golf SA) is the State Sporting Organisation (SSO) that represents the sport of amateur golf in South Australia.

Golf SA represents the golf clubs within South Australia and all amateur golfers who are members of those clubs. It is an affiliate of Golf Australia the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for the sport.

The primary objective of Golf SA is to promote, encourage and advance the game of golf.

Golf SA is a not-for-profit association under the South Australian ‘Associations Incorporation Act 1985.’ The affairs of the Association are managed through a Board and Committees elected by and representing golf clubs and golfers. A full-time Office supports the day-to-day running of the Association.

The future of golf in South Australia and the future of Golf SA are inextricably linked. For over 100 years the South Australian Golf Association Inc (SAGA) and Women’s Golf South Australia Inc (WGSA) provided the steadying influence for the sport. Since 2008 the merged entity, Golf SA, has taken on the responsibility.

The challenge is to ensure that the efforts of a tradition rich and successful past are matched and indeed exceeded in the future.

The future is shaped by a number of major influences – Governance & Management, Golf & Club Development and Communication.

Good governance and management of the sport – the art of ‘Oversight, Foresight and Insight’ is essential for any association, particularly one that represents members and membership.

Golf and Club development needs to occur both vertically and horizontally. Not only does Golf SA have a responsibility to encourage outstanding golfers to represent South Australia it also has the responsibility to improve the overall standard of golf for anyone that may care to play the game. Most importantly it has the responsibility to encourage new participants into the game and into club membership.

In an environment of mass communication and information technology, Golf SA has a critical role to play in delivering the true message about golf to the widest possible audience through informed and timely communication.

Golf SA's challenge is to shape the future of golf in South Australia through its leadership. It is a challenge worthy of the game of golf.

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