Rules & Handicapping

Rules, Handicapping, Course Rating and Competition Management Services

As many administrators across South Australia are aware, Golf SA staff and the Technical Committee provide rules, handicapping, course rating and competition management services as required.

These services are provided as a part of your affiliation and include the provision of any guidance you may wish on the following topics:

• Framing of local rules and/or temporary local rules.
• Guidance with course marking.
• Guidance on competition conditions, or assistance with framing competition conditions.
• Interpretation of a Rule of Golf.
• Resolution of Rules disputes.
• Assistance with handicapping rules or procedures.
• Assistance with course ratings (either Scratch Ratings or Slope Ratings) – including requests for new ratings for new or forward tees, or requests for re-ratings.
• Assistance with Amateur Status queries.

Golf SA is recognised by Golf Australia and The R&A as the body responsible for providing the above services to you. Hence if a matter we are dealing with requires clarification from Golf Australia, we will seek this accordingly. GA may from time to time clarify points with The R&A. As a result, Golf SA is ultimately serviced by The R&A.

Process for All Affiliated Clubs & Districts to Lodge Queries

To ensure efficient and coordinated guidance is provided to all South Australian affiliated clubs and Districts, any queries originating from South Australia that are directed in the first instance to either GA or The R&A will be passed back to us.

To assist us with looking after your queries as best we can, it would help us if you could direct all queries on the above matters to us at Golf SA – we can then engage GA on your behalf as required (and GA may in turn engage The R&A).

Contact details for Golf SA staff to provide assistance with rules, handicapping, course rating and competition management issues are:

• Leah Tattersall – Competition Manager
Email:; Phone: 8267 1353

Leah will either answer the query or escalate to the Technical Committee who will provide a response to the club as soon as practical.

For information on:

• Accreditation Seminars
• how to submit a Rules Query to Golf SA
• to view Golf Australia Rules Newsletters
• and Other Resources - Click here


For Handicapping Education Resources and Course Rating information – Click here

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