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Would you like to know how your club compares to others, and the state in relation to:

  • Membership numbers?
  • Growth in membership?
  • % of Female Members?
  • % of Junior Members?

And identify key trends over the last 5 years?

Earlier 2017, Golf Australia produced a 2016 National Club Participation Report, which provided timely participation information to help us better understand the current landscape and trends in golf participation.

We are now very fortunate to have access to an online format of the report, which allows us to see the information from the report in a much more interactive way, by club, district and state.

This information is invaluable to identify opportunities at your club and as a foundation for future strategies to drive growth, participation and long-term sustainability e.g. is there an opportunity to start a women's beginner program, junior program, or to review your membership structure?

Just refer below to view the report.

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