Golf SA conducts MyGolf Schools 1 (Primary Schools) & MyGolf Schools 2 (Secondary Schools) introduction to golf as part of the national golf program.

Participants are then encouraged to join the MYGolf Skills Challenge which is a framework targeted to boys and girls aged 8 – 16 years to develop and assess their golf skills.

MYGolf Schools 1

MYGolf Schools 1 is the official national program designed for primary schools, coordinated by Golf Australia and delivered through State Associations and Junior Foundations.

The MYGolf Schools 1 manual provides teachers of primary school aged students with a series of five simple golf lesson plans to conduct golf at their school.

The manual integrates with the more advanced MYGolf Schools 2 manual and the Golf Australia Community coach 1 manual, each of which provide more in-depth information on skill development, drills and games.

MYGolf Schools 2

MYGolf Schools 2 is the official national program designed for secondary schools, coordinated by Golf Australia and delivered through State Associations and Junior Foundations.

The MYGolf2 manual provides teachers of secondary school aged students with a series of eight sessions presented in a three-part booklet.

The first part introduces golf skills along with leadership and competitive roles and opportunities requiring student initiative. The second part provides session resource sheets and the third part has classroom activities designed to provide literacy and numerical challenges along with learning about the game of golf.

To discuss your School based program and to get copies of the MYGolf Schools 1 & 2 manuals, please contact Golf SA Development Coach Allan Telford on (08) 8352 6899 or email

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