Golf SA Corporate Golf Day
Vandals wreck greens on Regency Park Golf Course

MOTORBIKE vandals tearing up the greens at Regency Park Golf C...

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Day 2 Report: Junior Interstate Teams Matches

The New South Wales and Queensland girls' teams are locked in...

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Watson labels second Masters win 'overwhelming'

An emotional Bubba Watson described his second Masters triumph...

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Goss completes record-breaking week

Oliver Goss became the first Australian in history to win the...

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Watson clinches second Masters win

American Bubba Watson cruised to a three shot victory and clai...

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PlayGolf Week
Player State Pts Av
2 MURDACA Anthony SA 103.03
22 WILLIAMS Jack SA 61.08
31 RICHES Heath (Grantley) SA 47.31
51 READY Scott SA 29.72
52 LISK Matthew SA 29.51
Player State Pts Av
6 LEE* Jenny SA 107.18
28 EVRENIADIS Cassidy SA 47.09
32 ROBERTS Caitlin SA 41.48
37 BLUM Kristalle SA 36.31
39 YAP Elysia SA 35.75
Golf SA Corporate Golf Day
The Victorian Boys' Team has won the Australian Boys' Interstate Teams Matches title for the first time since 2008 after victory over New South Wales in this morning's final round in the Yarra Valley. more
MOTORBIKE vandals tearing up the greens at Regency Park Golf Course more
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Playgolf week 2
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Golf SA Corporate Golf Day
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