Golf Club Insurance

Through the partnership with Sportscover, Golf Australia has arranged an exclusive insurance scheme to provide tailored, quality cover for golf clubs. The policies cover golf club property, liability, professional indemnity, management liability and voluntary workers risks.

There are over 1,500 golf clubs in Australia. Protecting the financial viability of each club with a bespoke golf club insurance policy is essential. Golf clubs face a wide variety of risks - some of which may not be completely obvious.

That is why it is so important when shopping around for golf club insurance to make sure you get cover that is designed especially for golf clubs. With Australian Golf Insurance you can rest assured that we have the cover to meet the needs of golf clubs throughout Australia.

Summary of Cover

* Broad coverage incorporating golf specific extensions for greens, bunkers, landscaping and dams.

* Club Management cover providing Directors and Officers Liability and Club Reimbursement, Employment Liability, Club Liability, Crime, Superannuation Trustees Liability and Professional Indemnity.

* Cover provided for TAB and KENO Tickets

* Cover for Tax Audits

* Equipment Breakdown and stock spoilage automatically covered under the property policy

* Business interruption cover also includes equipment breakdown losses

* Loss of profits extension for murder, suicide and public utilities damage, prevention of access and health closure

* Broad burglary/theft cover which is not dependant on visible forcible entry or violence to employees

* Public and Products Liability

* Personal Accident cover option for Volunteers

* Fire, material and accidental damage

For all details of the Australian Golf Insurance package, click here to visit the dedicated Australian Golf Insurance website.

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